Volume 2 | Issue 4 | 2010

Increasing the Net Worth of the Customer Experience

Table of Contents

In this issue:


Is Customer Experience Profitable? You Can Bank on It

Customer satisfaction with most banks is at its lowest in years, according to several published reports. Some experts suggest that this is due to merger and... more »


Crafting a Customer-Centric Budget Process

Linking budgeting with customer strategies is a must in this era of empowered customers. Doing so provides decision-makers not only with a more holistic view of a... more »

Mashreq Bank Rewrites the Rules of (Customer) Engagement

Mashreq Bank, established in 1967 as the Bank of Oman Limited, is the second-oldest commercial bank in the UAE. Known as a pioneer in the UAE market for introducing... more »

The Winning Way to Deliver Superior Service: “Every Customer Every Time”

AmTrust Bank, a division of NYCB Family of Banks (acquired in late 2009) and a subsidiary of New York Community Bancorp, implemented an enterprisewide strategy in... more »


Banking on a Positive Customer Experience

The global recession has taken its toll on nearly every industry, and the financial services sector is no exception. Coupled with the fallout that’s occurred... more »

Case Studies

ING Netherlands Is Uniquely Customer Centric

ING's goal is to be different than other banks. Customer experience is one way the financial services firm sets itself apart from the competition. The company... more »

When the Customer Is King, Customer Experience Rules

Banco Santander SA Chairman Emilio Botin instills a guiding philosophy in the global financial services firm he leads: The customer is king. This philosophy is at the... more »

C-Suite Strategies

KBC Belgium’s End-to-End Reorganization Around the Customer

KBC Bank is one of the top banks in Belgium and Central Europe, focusing on retail customers and small and medium-size enterprises. Even with its market-leading... more »

Commerzbank Takes the Customers' Point of View

When Commerzbank, the second largest bank in Germany, announced in August 2008 that it would purchase 100 percent of Dresdner Bank, steps were taken right away to make... more »

Proof Points

Excelling Through Excellent Customer Experiences

The subject of customer experience in retail banking has never been more important, timely, and essential to achieving and maintaining business success. Banks win by... more »

Bridge the Gaps Between Channels to Create a Customer-Focused Environment

The Internet, mobile phones, and other emerging technologies are allowing customers to interact with businesses when and how they choose. Banking is no different.... more »

Strategy Speaks

Short-Termism Is the Biggest Threat to Trustability in Financial Services

The term "IBGYBG" is a text-messaging acronym, like LOL or OMG. It was shorthand for a phrase often used in the investment banking business during the run-up... more »

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