Volume 2 | Issue 2 | 2010

Customer Connections Drive Profitability

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In this issue:


The Real Cost of Customer Experience

Is it costly to deliver an outstanding customer experience? Of course it is. But perhaps the more important questions is, what is the cost of delivering a subpar... more »


Linking Customer Experiences to Business Outcomes

“When a business does something good for somebody, that somebody feels good about them.” There’s no denying that wisdom, imparted by Ben & Jerry... more »


What If Customer Experience Has No ROI?

I’m often asked the question: “What’s the ROI of customer experience?” To some degree, that’s a silly question. It’s like asking... more »

Harnessing the Power of Customer Intelligence

SimplexGrinnell raised its net customer advocacy score by 34 percent over three years in large part by doing one thing exceptionally well: acting on customer... more »

Case Studies

PhotoBox’s Customer Obsession Drives Double-Digit Growth

Online photo printing company PhotoBox built its business by tapping into its customers’ creativity and enthusiasm. As a resource for photographers of all skill... more »

Long-Term Financial Strength Comes From Enabling Customers’ Future

When a new market opens, some companies will rush in with short-term growth strategies no matter the product or service on offer. This was not the case with Yapı Kredi... more »

C-Suite Strategies

Customer Connections Drive Profitability

Sometime it takes a major shakeup to rethink operations. In the case of Global Crossing, a post-bankruptcy restructuring prompted the telecom company’s... more »

The Gains and Pains of Unexpected Rapid Growth

This month, the World Cup soccer (football) tournament is capturing the globe’s attention. Thirty-two teams from around the world meet in South Africa to... more »

Proof Points

The 4 Steps to Becoming a Customer-Centric Airline

Top-tier companies in all industries are finding that technology and pervasive information in the hands of customers is changing the game, making it increasingly... more »

The Building Blocks for Optimizing Marketing Investments

As a customer, you don’t want to receive calls or direct mail that offer things you don’t need or might need two years from now. You only want companies to... more »

Strategy Speaks

Technology Can Help Us Fix the World Economy

How ironic that even as new technologies drive everything in business to become smaller, faster, and cheaper, the regulatory apparatus of most governments is becoming... more »

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