Volume 8 | Issue 2 | 2016

Business Wakes Up to Omnichannel

Table of Contents

In this issue:


Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Business

Summer is finally here in my part of the world. And I plan to spend as much time as I can away from my computer—traveling, spending time outdoors, and relaxing.... more »

Art Imitates Customer Experience

Customer engagement is serious business. That's why we think it's important to step back once in a while and add some levity to the conversation. This issue,... more »


Omnichannel: A Quasi State of Readiness

“Omnichannel” is here to stay. Customers are comfortable using a variety of digital and physical touchpoints to research products and services, reach out... more »


The Plight and Promise of the Omnichannel Journey

Omnichannel strategy has been doomed from its proud start. Blocked and stunted by siloed infrastructures and disjointed technologies, omnichannel has limited... more »

Six Ways to Add Emotion to Customer Initiatives

No customer walks out of a store saying “that was a great 8.5 out of 10 experience.” And no customer obsessively measures each physical touchpoint of an... more »

Connect the Dots on Cross-Channel Customer Care

Customers are using an ever-growing arsenal of digital channels to reach out to companies for support, often mixing and matching what they use even in the same... more »

Omnichannel Data is the key to CX Success

Implementing a successful contact center omnichannel strategy requires the coordination of many aspects of your organization. A strong marketing technology stack and... more »

Case Studies

Best Western Prepares for an Interconnected Future

In today’s increasingly digital-first world, consumers expect brands to provide seamless offline and online service. To keep up with its customers’... more »

Measuring Customer Level Profitability in the Telecom World

In today’s hypercompetitive and oversaturated communications landscape, telecom operators are constantly fighting to retain their most valuable customers and... more »

C-Suite Strategies

Deakin University: On the Path to Digital Maturity

At Australia’s Deakin University, the path to achieving a digital mindset is much like the journey to obtain a degree: it is replete with risks and opportunities... more »

Industry Insight

What’s Next in Omnichannel Retail?

Engaging shoppers is no longer as simple as greeting customers when they walk into a store. Today, the average consumer uses several devices and channels for a single... more »

Strategy and Technology Tag Team on Customer Outcomes

In today’s incredibly fast-paced and highly digitized world, delivering a great customer experience begins with understanding the twisting paths that consumers... more »

Proof Points

Omnichannel Excellence Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

When discussing omnichannel strategy, digital is nearly always considered a top priority. More than 40 percent of the entire world has an internet connection, and in... more »

Strategy Speaks

Are You Perpetuating the “Omnichannel” Myth?

“Omnichannel” is one of those high-sounding new buzzwords that has the lofty ring of ambitious customer strategy and important corporate purpose.  The... more »

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