Healthcare Client Story

Savvy Hiring and Training Equal Shorter Handle Times

A retail pharmacy quickly added tenured, certified agents to reduce repeat callers and boost OSAT during one of its busiest times of year.

Ramped up 300 FTEs

in 90 days

4%+ higher OSAT with

at-home agents



The Challenge

Faced with fluctuating demand, a retail pharmacy company needed a better way to forecast call volume and a quicker way to add seasoned service agents – especially with its Welcome Season right around the corner.

In the past, lags in ramp time and new staff often caused knowledge gaps leading to longer AHT and frequent call transfers when customers were just looking for answers to routine questions about prescription drugs, plan information, refill status, etc. Waiting on hold and bouncing between departments resulted in too many frustrated callers.

Our Solution

The pharmacy giant turned to TTEC to gain access to a wider talent pool of pre-certified agents with industry experience who work from home to assist during its high demand season. The client utilized our Humanify@Home remote contact center associate solution.

In addition, because TTEC has decades of experience developing and deploying at-home tools and staffing solutions, we helped the pharmacy retailer clear HITRUST certification hurdles (a vendor certification that demonstrates compliance with HIPAA security requirements) with our at-home model, which was previously unattainable.

The Results

Using TTEC’s Humanify@Home platform, with a tenured record of work-from-home management processes, the retail pharmacy ramped up 300 FTEs within 90 days, just in time to support its Welcome Season.

Overall satisfaction (OSAT) from at-home team members continues to trend up (and is even higher than B&M agents).

And thanks to industry expertise, open communication, and an ongoing partnership, our client can now forecast its staffing needs with much higher confidence.


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