Retail and eCommerce Client Story

Personal Attention, No Building Needed

Our client was seeing fluctuations in service volume and was looking for a more scalable approach. With the use of humanify@home our client was able to reduce staffing requirements by 12% to help save costs.


qualified associates hired in less than two months


reduction in client staffing needs due to efficiency


more associates brought online to respond to seasonal increases in traffic as a result of scalable solution

This technology retail giant has an enormous volume of customer contacts to manage each month, and the holiday seasons easily see increases 200 – 300 percent higher than off-peak months. The company was looking for a better way to handle fluctuations in service volume – a scalable approach that would reduce costs by driving efficiencies, but also one that would maintain a great customer experience through any channel. We created a customized virtual workforce for the client through our humanify@home solution. Humanify@home is a process- and technology-driven program that takes advances in training delivery, human capital selection and multichannel communication, and blends them into an elegant and cost-effective resource allocation model.

Through Hirepoint™, our online recruiting portal, we identified and hired over 1,000 highly qualified associates in less than two months. The quality of the humanify@home applicant pool made such a rapid launch possible: twenty-five percent of our associates hold an undergraduate degree or higher, with an average of ten years of business experience. Our training team worked with the client to develop and deliver streamlined, effective curricula that brought initial training down to six days. Although the client’s previous experience was that it would take three months to achieve proficiency for all the new hires, we met all of the client’s contractual performance goals by the end of the fourth week.

The efficiency and quality of the humanify@home customer experience has allowed the client to reduce overall staffing requirements by 12 percent, while successfully maintaining all key performance metrics. It also resulted in the use of humanify@home for additional lines of business, as well as ongoing seasonal staffing demands. We have more than 1,000 year-round associates working for customers of this client, offering technical, sales, and retail support. An additional 2,000 associates are brought in on a part-time basis during each holiday season.


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