Healthcare Client Story

One-Stop-Shop Knowledge Base Quickly Improves Call Quality

TTEC helped Welltok reduce agent frustration and improve the member experience by reprioritizing content

79% of agents said the improvements

reduced employee effort

90% of agents consistently met

or exceeded QA target

The Challenge

Welltok is an enterprise software as a service (SaaS) company that empowers health plans, employers, providers, and public entities to connect consumers with personalized health improvement resources. Welltok’s member support agents handle inbound calls and answer member questions about biometric screenings, wellness programs, rewards and redemption, and more.

The company’s knowledge base, however, was difficult to use. Agents often had to wade through several options just to find the information they needed to address their members’ concerns. This not only frustrated agents but negatively affected members’ experiences and compromised call quality.

As a result, some agents preferred to ask the subject matter experts for information rather than use the knowledge base, which still led to a delay in responses. This compounded the problem by discouraging agents from using the knowledge base and having a one-stop shop that would increase productivity, efficiency, and create better member experiences.

Our Solution

Our strategy focused on improving the quality and relevance of the knowledge base, making it a more useful tool for agents. We partnered with the client to determine what information agents needed to best assist Welltok members. As we analyzed the root cause of the issue, we zeroed in on the content structure of the knowledge base as the main problem.

We reprioritized the content, structuring it so that the most-used and most-relevant information was delivered first, and the least-relevant content was delivered last.

Restructuring the way in which knowledge base content was delivered provided instant benefits: namely, it allowed agents to look for and locate the information they needed much more quickly. Throughout the process, agents were encouraged to provide feedback to ensure these improvements were aligned with their needs.

The Results

The business’ main KPI metric – quality – improved after the knowledge base was restructured, with quality scores increasing 3% in the third quarter of 2020. The monthly target goal was a 90% QA. Based on the most recent available data, the agents consistently met or exceeded that target in a 6-month period—and even reached a 94% QA.

Additionally, feedback was solicited from agents about their experience working with the restructured knowledge base and, when surveyed, 79% of respondents said the new structure was extremely useful. Among the positive feedback:

“KB [knowledge base] is our work Bible. It helps provide [the] member the best answer.” – Joana F.

“It’s our guidebook. Personally, it’s my lifeline for the programs!” – Cynthia L.

“All information is outlined and organized well enough to understand [the] entire program, depending on the client.” – Michael B.


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