Financial Services Client Story

A More Powerful App for Today’s Customers

We partnered with AllRegs to redesign its flagship app, delivering enhanced functionality, updating the underlying technology, and greatly improving the user experience.

The Challenge

AllRegs provides research and reference and analytical services to mortgage professionals from its extensive content library which spans every aspect of the mortgage industry. Customers subscribe to these services to gain access to a suite of specialized web applications. One of these applications, Market Clarity, began to experience reliability and performance issues.

Our Solution

Working closely with the team at AllRegs, Avtex, a TTEC Digital company, developed a new Market Clarity application. Built on top of Microsoft platforms, the new application improved the customer experience, delivered enhanced functionality and significantly updated the underlying technology. Avtex developers worked closely with the AllRegs team to clarity and elaborate on the requirements and specifications, offer insight, discover new functionality and explore alternative technical strategies for maximizing the performance of the final application.

The Results

AllRegs has enjoyed several benefits from the application. Not only is the new code base more flexible and developer friendly, but the solution also integrates nicely with AllRegs' other enterprise applications, something that the old solution struggled with. The Market Clarity application's ability to live within the same environment as the rest of the enterprise applications allows AllRegs to reduce the time and money spent on maintenance and management of multiple systems. In the end, the new application provides AllRegs and its customers a much better overall experience.


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