Healthcare Client Story

Innovations in Mobile Customer Care Bridge Technology and Humanity

Customers expect instant support across their channel of choice. We helped our client implement customer self-service and omnichannel tools so members can interact 24/7 across voice, web, social, email, video, and mobile.


coaches enabled, trained, and supported


of mobile interactions escalated from self-service to voice chat


of answers in pilots were resolved with self-help

These days, many consumers will bypass the traditional contact center by any means necessary. They demand immediate support with companies, and increasingly prefer mobile tools. Updating and integrating legacy customer support services are difficult challenges for most businesses. Many grapple with a lack of IT resources and a need for quick deployment. One healthcare wellness brand faced such a challenge. It couldn’t keep up with the expectations of its members about when, where, and how to interact. It needed to personalize the member experience and be available when and where customers wanted to connect.

We leveraged our expertise to align the client’s business needs with innovative technology and processes. As a strategic partner, we removed much of the IT burden from the client while still providing the autonomy for the client to design and implement its ideal member experience roadmap. We teamed up to create an intelligent, searchable social knowledgebase accessible by employees and customers alike via mobile and online. We enabled customer self-service and omnichannel tools so members can interact 24/7 across voice, web, social, email, video, and mobile.

Mobile, in particular, is a critical interaction channel. We helped the client leverage mobile customer interactions with our HealthConnect integrated mobile tool. The client’s members can reach wellness coaches 24/7 directly via a mobile app Voice and chat interactions occur completely in the mobile environment, where data is collected and added to each member’s profile. And, it essentially adds 4,000 additional expert customer care resources, so customers can interact with advisors at the exact moment they need to. The program was launched in six global markets.

We also provide ongoing workforce management professional services and escalation support to coaches in the field. Results have been very impressive. In initial pilots, only 5 percent of mobile interactions escalated out of the self-service environment to voice, and 73 percent of answers in the initial knowledgebase pilots were resolved by customers themselves. These steps represent ways the company combines technology and people to improve the customer experience.


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