Care Client Story

Cost savings and happy employees all year long

We worked with a leading P&C insurance firm to recruit and cross-train associates for the seasonal fluctuations of multiple lines of business, eliminating new hire costs and maintaining institutional knowledge throughout the year.

100% retention

All employees returned the following year

$2.5 million

in additional projected savings


in cost savings via seasonal reallocation

The Challenge

A leading property and casualty insurance firm was seeking a flexible staffing model that would allow for cost savings during the natural downturn during the fourth quarter for P&C sales. It wanted to reduce costs and headcount but also needed to retain and bring back talent in the next quarter.

The Solution

We implemented our Smart Seasonal staffing model where associates were reallocated across a different line of business during the natural P&C ramp down before reinstating them, eliminating the need to recruit new associates and reducing training costs.

We tripled the number of staff the next year to be reassigned during Q4 and increased number of interchangeable associates for other unexpected changes in volume.

The Results

Our Smart Seasonal staffing solution delivered 100% retention, as all associates in year one returned. This eliminated new hire costs and maintained institutional knowledge throughout the year. Requiring only 4 days of retraining to ramp returning associates, our solution provided $700K saved via seasonal associate reallocation and $2.5 million in additional projected savings.


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