Financial Services Client Story

Build an Omnichannel Experience

Our client needed help aligning business processes and systems to provide consistent member experiences across the board. We helped develop a strategic roadmap for sharing customer data across channels.


with company stakeholders to develop a roadmap for an optimal omnichannel customer experience


infrastructure improvements within its contact center systems


infrastructure project spend and timeline to implementation

As companies engage customers across multiple channels, streamlining those channels to provide a seamless experience becomes increasingly challenging. A Fortune 500 financial services company needed help aligning its business processes and systems to provide consistent member experience services via the Web, mobile devices and contact centers. The company, which provides insurance and banking services, had recently consolidated its contact centers, but its operations were disconnected; it had poor data intelligence, and a fragmented strategy.

In the first phase of the project, our consulting group reviewed the financial services company’s existing business plans and assessed its processes and performance. While the company had several strong initiatives, the challenges were that the company: was more “product-centric” versus member-centric, data and employees’ roles were often siloed, there were unclear hand-offs between projects, and the company did not have an effective long-term strategy in place.

We helped the company develop a strategic roadmap for sharing customer data across channels, improving operations and realigning departmental goals to provide a consistent customer experience.

With the strategy in place, in phase two we worked with the company to streamline ways to deliver a superior experience. Our consulting and technology groups worked with the client to develop new technical requirements and processes to upgrade its contact centers from Avaya to Cisco. The transition included integrating the contact centers with Cisco’s platform to allow for precise call routing and containment, allowing for the management of third-party contact centers, cross-channel communications and other robust capabilities.

We continue to work with the client to streamline other lines of business to enable better experiences. As the technology changes, we will continue to offer our technical expertise in optimizing new systems and processes to improve the member experience.


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