Want better CX at a lower cost? It’s time to consider nearshoring

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Economic uncertainty has put brands under growing pressure to cut costs wherever they can, but you can’t sacrifice customer experience (CX) in an effort to trim your bottom line. When just one negative experience can turn a customer off your brand, seamless CX has to remain a top priority.

So, how can companies keep elevating customer experience without breaking the bank? Increasingly, the answer is: nearshoring.

Nearshoring, or outsourcing work to a neighboring country, offers many benefits – both logistical and financial. That’s why places like Egypt, South Africa, Colombia, and Jamaica are among a growing list of countries offering highly skilled labor at a lower cost lower than onshore options.

Nearshoring can be an especially great option for companies that are new to outsourcing since it keeps your outsourced workforce close to home.

Deliver better CX at a lower cost
A key advantage of nearshoring solutions is that they’re less expensive than onshore ones, which has become especially appealing amid the wage pressures in today’s labor market. Money you save through nearshoring can be reinvested in other facets of your business, and nearshoring can be a great way to drive ROI at a total lower cost.

But cutting costs doesn’t mean you need to compromise your CX. Nearshoring lets you tap into a global pool of highly skilled workers beyond the geographical footprint of your home country. It also enables you to deliver specialized and multilingual support more easily. All this leads to better experiences for your customers and employees alike.

Tap into extensive infrastructure
Nearshore locations tend to be centralized in metropolitan areas that have strong infrastructure in place. And outsourcing partners are equipped to maximize that high-quality infrastructure, so they can help you meet your business needs quickly and easily.

One thing to consider as you expand your infrastructure footprint: companies that nearshore should invest additional resources into identifying and preventing new security risks. Any outsourced operations are inherently less secure than onshore ones, but your increased security risks can be easily mitigated with the right precautions.

These are just a couple of the many benefits nearshoring can bring your brand. Read more in our strategy guide, “6 reasons to consider nearshoring now.”