TTEC’s IL4 Authorization Adds Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center Strength to Department of Defense Projects

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As part of our focus on helping public sector clients enable digital transformation and improve customer experiences, we’re pleased to announce that TTEC has significantly strengthened its FedRAMP-authorized cloud contact center solution with Impact Level 4 (IL4) provisional authorization from the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). This enhanced security authorization opens more opportunity for cloud contact center solutions among defense agencies.

With the authorization, TTEC’s Humanify™ Enterprise for Government omnichannel SaaS cloud suite is now available to the DoD and other agencies within the DoD community for Controlled Unclassified Information. It provides highly secure and reliable omnichannel cloud contact center solutions to allow defense agencies to interact with military personnel. The Department of the Navy is one client already live on the platform.

Humanify Enterprise G - DoD, as it’s called, is available as a bundle that provides a full-service omnichannel contact center, including:

  • Intelligent omnichannel contact routing
  • Unified communication
  • Remote agent support
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • CRM integration connectors
  • Call recording and Quality Management-as-a-Service
  • Work Force Management (WFM)-as-a-Service
  • Outbound omnichannel support

With the DISA IL4 authorization TTEC provides DoD community with 24/7 voice, chat, and email contact center support in a highly secure environment with cutting edge technology.

We have taken great steps to ensure a highly secure cloud contact center solution to meet and maintain stringent IL4 standards. With enhanced security that comes with IL4 authorization, DoD and other clients get the benefit of continuously evolving, best-in-class contact center technology without a heavy IT lift. We have already seen immediate market response based on our unique ability to provide deeper security to the DoD and public sector.

TTEC’s integrated platform provides a powerful, comprehensive SaaS solution to meet the urgent need for contact center flexibility and scalability within public sector agencies. Pre-built integrations within Humanify Enterprise G - DoD ease the IT burden on clients while providing world-class technology in one cloud solution.

It’s one way that TTEC is at the forefront of the CX industry. Our CXaaS model will continue to advance with best-of-breed technology partnerships as the market evolves. We look forward to working with more public sector agencies to enable safe, secure, and transformative citizen experiences.