TTEC’s AI-powered Learning Solution Awarded Disruptive Technology of the Year Honors

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We’re very excited to announce that TTEC has been awarded CCW’s “Disruptive Technology of the Year” award for our AI-enabled RealPlay™ training solution.

The need to onboard and train employees remotely and digitally has risen dramatically recently, especially as remote work environments are now the norm in a COVID-19 world. TTEC's revolutionary proprietary RealPlay leverages the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI), voice recognition, machine learning technology, responsive game development, and data visualization to simulate the same real-world customer scenarios (good and bad) associates experience before they take live calls from real customers.

With RealPlay, organizations can ensure that new employees are trained faster and continuously improve their skills, even if they are in a work-from-home environment. RealPlay’s three components work cooperatively and seamlessly to prepare learners for success:

  • RealPlay BOT – AI-powered engine that provides asynchronous practice, consistent feedback and personalized coaching
  • RealPlay Sandbox – Responsive frontend and database that enables HIPAA and PCI compliant systems practice
  • RealPlay Dashboard – Operations-based, insights platform that provides KPI performance, including speed-to-proficiency

Clients who deployed RealPlay experienced 57% reduction in on-boarding times, 50% reduction in contact center nesting, and 75% increase in speed-to-proficiency.

“The transformation RealPlay has made on our business is truly disruptive,” said Lamont Exeter, Vice President, Learning and Performance for TTEC Digital. “The way employees have responded to the ability to conduct beginning-to-end practice with an artificial intelligence (AI) ‘customer,’ receive immediate quality feedback, and get real-time virtual coaching before having to interact with live customers has been beautiful.”

Lamont and I share specific ways that RealPlay is used by associates, managers, and even outside the contact center in this episode of TTEC’s CX Bites web series. Watch the episode below.