Level up gaming trust and safety in 2024 with AI

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As the new year begins, many gaming brands are thinking about how they can improve player experience without sacrificing efficiency (or their bottom lines) along the way. As competition in the industry grows, it’s never been more important to deliver seamless experiences for players that keep them engaged and coming back for more.

Customers’ expectations are evolving. Most only want to interact with your brand when absolutely necessary and they want any interactions to be quick, easy, and personalized:
  • 80% of customers expect quicker responses from businesses
  • 73% of consumers think AI can have a positive effect on their customer experience
  • 74% of consumers believe brand loyalty is about feeling understood and valued
  • 81% of consumers must be able to trust a brand to “do what’s right” if they’re going to buy from it

Brands that don’t embrace these trends will lose customers to those that do. Fast resolutions are especially important to gamers, who’d rather get back to their game than spend time dealing with customer support.

Gaming brands also face an added challenge in 2024 and beyond, since so many customer interactions – with your brand and with other players – happen online: trust and safety.

Use AI to help moderate communities

There are an estimated 2.8 billion gamers worldwide, a number that’s expected to grow to more than 3 billion by 2027, and many of them are playing online. This presents great opportunities to connect with likeminded people and build loyalty around games, but also major challenges potential problems when it comes to keeping gaming communities safe.

It’s difficult for brands to stay on top of every in-game conversation and interaction that happens, which can make these online communities ripe for bullying, harassment, and other problems. AI can help.

Let AI be additional eyes and ears you need in these online settings. AI can comb through huge amounts of text and data much faster (and usually with better accuracy) than human associates can. Use it to moderate user-generated content or to augment your voice moderation efforts.

The wildly popular Call of Duty, for instance, recently began using AI-powered technology to scan in-game conversations for violations of the game’s code of conduct.

AI works best when it’s in tandem with a human touch, so make sure you have processes in place that make it easy for automation to hand issues off to an associate when needed. Working with a CX outsourcing partner that has expertise in gaming is a great way to tap into the strategy, tools, and people you need to infuse AI into your CX in a strategic and thoughtful way.

Balancing AI with humans is just one of the megatrends TTEC has identified that will transform CX and EX in the coming year and beyond. For more, check out our strategy guide, “CX Trends 2024: 4 megatrends shaping the future of customer and employee experiences.”