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2018 is a year of renewal vs resolutions for winning companies. It is a year with massive disruption (Blockchain, Voice Automation, Omnichannel service design) that, like other digital transformational waves, will have winners and losers.

These waves, however, are breakthroughs in that they deal squarely with the democratization of data and digital transformation service experiences that are ever more personal and pervasive.
Having worked with hundreds of companies through major digital business transformations, I’m reminded that winning companies have many similar traits, but chief among them is a consistent commitment to their core values and strengths.
Everyone can have great ideas for leveraging new capabilities. But those companies who push for digital business transformation by thinking through the cultural impact and the capabilities evolution required to innovate at scale, are the winners. Said simply, these companies constantly renew their commitment to their values and foster a culture of change. In 2017, we all saw many companies with big ideas and brilliant digital transformation strategies that couldn’t execute. We saw big investments with little in returns.
Companies can have the greatest “Whys” and “Whats,” but without an equally amazing “How,” they won’t actually differentiate.
In a world where exceptional data, knowledge, and digital capability can empower so many opportunities, it is useless if a company doesn’t have the roadmap to realize the value at scale, in an iterative, agile way that enables the organization to continually improve its ability to ingest and capitalize on disruptive capabilities.
2018 is a digitally transformative year for our company. We are digitally transforming faster internally than our clients in order to effectively deliver outcomes from the innovations we design, build, and operate for them.
A little over half a year in here at TeleTech, I couldn’t be more excited by our 2017 successes for our clients, and our own progress on our journey that is achieving the intended milestones on our vision’s trajectory.
Our entire company is built on a culture of operational excellence, one that is very prescriptive about leveraging innovation while crucially assuring performance levels. This aspect of our DNA serves our clients well and has proven to be our recipe for success.
So in this New Year, we choose to renew our commitment to our values, our principles, and double down on our digitally transformative strategic roadmap and blueprint for success. And for each of our clients, current and new, we will help shape the blueprint for successfully innovating at scale, based on a platform of knowledge and the cornerstones of each clients’ core values, capabilities, and culture.
With so much to be thankful for, 2018 is a wonderful year of renewal for TeleTech, remembering those things that are evergreen and that matter: Being human. Failing fast. Iteratively improving. Being agile, flexible, and nimble. Collaborating and communicating. Listening to others with empathy and for input. Being valuable to others. Honoring commitments and achieving outcomes. Empowering others. These hallmarks serve us well as a company. They serve us well as colleagues. And we are renewed and ready to continue serving our clients, digitally transformatively, in 2018 and beyond.

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