Customer experience hits the road

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Few people think much about tolls, except when they drive through them on the highway. From the operational side, however, there’s a lot that goes into creating an integrated experience to keep drivers moving quickly on their way and operations running smoothly.

Here are just some customer and employee experience (CX and EX) considerations of the tolling/transportation ecosystem that keeps leaders up at night:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Revenue collection
  • Customer escalations
  • Rising costs
  • Limitations of their back-office systems
  • How to quickly adapt to new regulations

With the President’s executive order and mandates to improve CX across the public sector, the “Amazon effect” is in full swing even for industries where customer focus was not historically a strategic priority. Customers expect seamless, simple, fast interactions that are personalized, frictionless, and increasingly digital.

As the transportation industry accelerates further toward digital transformation, it poses even more service delivery challenges to a great experience. There are numerous public and quasi-public agencies to work with, state and government regulations, privacy and security issues, and more. A balance of human intelligence and innovative technology is essential to meet customer expectations, adhere to government regulations, and keep costs in check.

That’s why we’re very excited to combine the operations of Faneuil’s Public Sector practice with customer experience experts to improve how we operate and deliver a superior tolling experience for the digital age. Together, we've bolstered our tolling capabilities to include:

  • Back-office support to shorten process times
  • Digital technology that enables resiliency, security, and improved experience
  • Streamlined CX initiatives to increase agility and scalability while decreasing costs
  • Robotic process and desktop automation (RPA/RDA) for improved employee productivity
  • FedRAMP/StateRamp-authorized contact center technology and expertise

Now is a perfect time to combine CX and tolling resources, expertise, and experience to immediately create a roadmap for success in the tolling industry that improves experiences, reduces costs, and innovates with technology. Let’s get rolling.