Connecting With Customers at the Right Time in Their Digital Journeys

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Customers use an assortment of digital touchpoints when researching products. These journeys aren’t linear—customers will often return to a website or another reference point to re-examine the merits of a particular product or service or to do comparison shopping.

Knowing where a customer is in her digital journey and understanding what her needs and interests are at a given moment enables sales teams to reach out with relevant information to strengthen customer engagement during the sales process.

Doing this effectively requires sophisticated tools that can provide sales leaders with visibility into a customer’s digital interactions.

TTEC Growth Services worked with a large telecommunications company in Mexico to craft a digital media conversion rate optimization strategy. The goal of the project was to increase digital demand from the carrier’s customers and prospects and then mold that demand directly into sales by building 360-degree tracking and visibility into customers’ digital interactions.
The telecom client deployed TTEC Growth Services’ award-winning AQ360 search-to-sales technology suite. The platform enables the company’s sales teams to gain deeper insights about its prospects’ pre-sale online activities that can then be used to create more relevant and meaningful conversations at critical points during the sales process.
For instance, AQ360 enables the telecom’s sales associates to see which landing page customers or prospects are using, the keywords they’ve searched, along with the city in which they’re located. These insights enable the company’s sales leaders to create specific sales strategies for each customer profile that’s generated and then assign them specific sales associates who offer the best fit for each customer.
Meanwhile, sales associates are now armed with deeper insights about customers and prospects than ever before, allowing them to have more relevant and meaningful conversations with customers and prospects.
Deeper engagement with customers and prospects has translated into powerful results for the telecom company. Within 10 weeks, qualified sales leads rose by 66 percent. In less than two months, pre-sales prospect interactions that resulted in installations increased by 114 percent. Meanwhile, weekly pre-sales conversion rates more than doubled during this period, from 4.7 percent to 11 percent.

Because customers use different digital channels at different points in their omnichannel journeys to satisfy specific needs, it can be challenging for sales associates to know just where a customer or prospect is at a given point in time.

Customers spend an inordinate amount of time on their mobile devices and in various digital channels researching products and services. Having an intelligent way to connect with customers in-the-moment with relevant and tailored messaging is a great way to engage and move the conversation forward.

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