AI + people: The right mix to boost CX for public sector players in 2024

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The public sector may be in catch-up mode with regard to the customer experience, but that doesn’t mean expectations are modulated any.
Quite the opposite.
As we slide into 2024, citizens are expecting even more than before — and tolerating less in the way of wait times, circuitous processes, poor communications, and lack of transparency. They’ve seen how engagement with customer support has improved dramatically in other industries and they are right to expect a better experience accessing public services financed by their tax dollars.
In the year ahead, it remains crucial to have an omnichannel strategy, personalized interactions when possible, and focus on back-office efficiencies that empower your associates. In our 2024 CX Trends report, we’ve identified four megatrends that will fuel CX transformation next year and beyond.
Here are just a few of the insights that helped us determine the four megatrends outlined in our report:
Government agencies in transportation, healthcare, human services, and more that make CX a priority not only see better outcomes but also build trust in our public institutions. Artificial intelligence (AI), thoughtfully deployed to support contact center associates, is the 2024 trend holding the greatest promise for public sector entities.

Balance not brawn

In TTEC’s new strategy guide, “CX Trends 2024: 4 megatrends shaping the future of customer and employee experiences,” we examine the role of AI and the importance of balancing this powerful tool with human assets to deliver an improved citizen experience. The goal is not to adopt AI in a bombastic manner but rather to use AI to support contact center associates, not replace them.
AI-enabled bots take training to a whole new level by conducting role-playing exercises with new hires who practice call-handling skills in a simulated environment before advancing to live calls. AI bots also provide real-time feedback and personalized coaching to improve performance.
AI plays a host of other roles to improve interactions, and always in tandem with contact center associates. Bots proactively retrieve needed information and serve it up to associates in real time, speeding resolution and improving CSAT. Conversational bots anticipate how a call will play out a few steps ahead and send helpful prompts to contact center associates to accelerate resolution.
Striking the right balance between AI and humans is just one of the megatrends TTEC has identified that will transform CX and employee experience in the coming year and beyond. For more, check out our full 2024 CX trends report.