Action is needed to retain top high-tech talent

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As high-tech companies charge ahead with plans to drive renewed growth, employee demands to retain a virtualized work environment has thrown a wrench into those plans. There are no easy answers but amidst the turbulence, one thing hasn’t changed: the need to keep skilled and experienced employees is key to deliver an excellent customer experience.

Part of the challenge is recognizing that change isn’t underway, it’s already happened. Research from Prudential, Envoy and Jabra shows:

  • 1 in 3 workers don’t want to work for a company that requires them to be 100% in-office
  • 66% of workers are worried about returning to the office
  • 77% of workers want more flexibility in how and where they work

Against this backdrop, high-tech companies still have a job to do. And they still must deliver the amazing experiences customers expect.

So, now what?

Look at-home for the long term

If the pandemic has taught anything, it’s that employees want flexible and supportive work environments, and they will look to competitors who offer better options. Giving employees the choice to work remotely long-term is a necessary strategy. Software companies, fintechs, and various startups successfully proved they could operate and even thrive in a remote environment during the pandemic, with long-term potential.

But there’s no need for brands to lose the expertise of long-standing employees, or the seamless CX they deliver, just because those workers don’t want to return to in-person work. A remote work option is a great solution that has quickly moved from a nice-to-have to a must-have for savvy brands. High-tech companies that don’t embrace work-from-home opportunities risk losing talent to those that do.

That’s where TTEC’s Retain 2.0 solution can help. It lets companies transition associates who previously worked in contact centers to TTEC’s proven @Home model.

What does this mean? Companies can retain top talent who may otherwise leave simply by migrating them to TTEC @Home. And CX and EX will both improve along the way: customers continue to get the great experiences they expect, from knowledgeable associates who have experience serving them; and associates get the flexible work environment they crave.

The right CX partner is essential

For many companies, the move to work-from-home marks a big organizational shift. That’s why partnering with experts is key. Why try to do it alone when a partner has the expertise to make the transition seamless for employees and customers alike?

With Retain 2.0, TTEC works with companies every step of the way through – and beyond – the employee transition process.

One of the biggest benefits of Retain 2.0 is that is works quickly. Employees are efficiently transitioned within weeks to TTEC @Home and set up for success starting on Day 1. Onboarding ambassadors ensure workers are fully supported and have everything they need to jump directly into the work they do so well – delivering experiences that delight customers.

Best of all, Retain 2.0 can move your associates quickly – in less than 12 weeks.

TTEC @Home combines the quality management and security of our brick-and-mortar operations with the flexibility and cost structure of a variable tool. Our partners benefit from the experience and best practices of an industry leader, while cutting costs and improving CX.

For more on how Retain 2.0 can benefit your business, check out our latest strategy guide for high-tech companies, “Lead CX excellence into a new era.”