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Top Customer Service AI and Automation Trends for 2021

Technological advances in business process automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and virtual assistants for both customer and employee interactions are changing the face of customer service. As the nature of work changes, explore the customer service automation trends that are accelerating digital transformation to improve customer care, agent productivity, and contact center operations.


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2021 automation trends: transform customer and
employee experiences with AI-powered optimization

With the digitization of contact center operations, the status quo is being upended. Technological advances in robotic process automation (RPA), AI, and machine learning (ML) for both customer and employee interactions are literally changing the face of customer care.

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AI-powered learning overview video

Transform the learning experience with intelligent automation

Training new staff, upskilling teams in new products or supporting seasonal ramps can cost organizations hundreds of thousands per year in resource costs, and still deliver a subpar customer experience. Our proprietary award-winning RealPlay™ Learning Solution leverages the latest AI, voice recognition, machine learning technology, responsive game development, and data visualization to simulate the same real-world customer scenarios associates experience before they take live calls and live chats from real customers. RealPlay was also named "Disruptive Technology of Year" by Customer Contact Week as part of its 2020 CCW Excellence Awards.

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We've been delivering incredible customer experiences for 38 years by unifying our core capabilities of technology, services, and strategy. And with over 3.5 million customer interactions daily, we  know what trends are shaping the contact center landscape. Here are more customer service  AI trends and best practices to help your company in its CX and digital transformation.

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  • Customer Experience Trends for 2021: Businesses have an opportunity—and a challenge—to adapt to an increasingly digitized world and ensure that they maintain customer loyalty. In this trends report, we explore the continued shift to a digital workforce and remote working from home, and ways to navigate the new customer and employee landscape.
  • Five Steps to Customer-Centric Digital Transformation: Moving from a channel-centric to customer-centric business model can feel like a mammoth undertaking. Don't worry! In this strategy guide, we'll explain the five key steps to enable end-to-end digital transformation that improves customer satisfaction, reduces cost, and increases revenue.
  • Conquer Complexity and Costs in the Contact Center: Automation is a natural fit in the contact center and across the customer experience. Many customer interactions are high-volume and repeatable, which can be done in channels like chat, messaging, IVR and others that lend themselves to be easily automated. In this report, we explore robotic process automation trends and how to realize the potential 186% ROI benefit from an automation strategy for resolving customer questions.
  • Contact Center Digital Transformation Best Practices: Customer support is not the same as it once was. To keep up with customer expectations, it’s important for brands to utilize emerging technologies  to turn their outdated call centers into customer-centric contact centers that include a full view of the customer journey.
  • Voice of the Customer Strategy and Best Practices: Gain valuable insights about your products and services by implementing these five best practices for customer feedback. Also learn about common customer data myths that hinder voice of the customer program implementation.
  • Five Ways Cloud Unlocks Contact Center Potential: Moving to the cloud is only half the battle. The real advantage is understanding how to deliver next-gen customer and employee experiences made possible through cloud technology. Discover five ways implementing cloud technology can help increase value and decrease costs for your contact center.
  • Contact Center Trends 2021: Organizations need to renew their focus on gaining efficiency and cost-savings momentum while also improving customer and employee experiences. Traditional contact center labor models won’t be enough. Instead, double-down on the innovations like remote workforces, intelligent automation, and cloud technology. In this article, we look at seven contact center trends and key strategies for 2021 to build resilient, future-proof contact center operations.

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Top Customer Service AI and Automation Trends for 2021