CCW Digital Market Study: Future of the Contact Center, featuring TTEC

Despite all the talk about improving experiences, customers continue to encounter the same pain points when interacting with brands. And employees continue to encounter the same friction when attempting to perform their jobs.

What initiatives, consequently, should contact centers be prioritizing in 2023? What actions will allow them to turn their visions into realities? CCW Digital’s research-driven Market Study on the Future of the Contact Center has the answers.

Read this market study from CCW and TTEC to learn:

  • The #1 “New Year’s Resolution” for the contact center community
  • Pain points contact centers plan to remedy – and the ones they’re willing to ignore – in 2023
  • Insight into how contact centers will approach phone vs. digital in the coming year
  • Specific strategies for improving associate retention and performance in 2023
  • The future of work-from-home – and the challenges that remain unresolved
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