AI/CX value chain analysis: Bank loans

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Bring humanity to customer interactions with thoughtful deployment of automation, AI, and people assets

With so many AI avenues to explore across the customer and associate lifecycle, where should a CX organization start? We recommend starting with the customer.

TTEC’s new research series reviewed millions of customer interactions from hundreds of clients across industries to uncover where best to automate, augment, and invest in humans for the biggest impact. Look at where you should use AI, not just if you can.

The first report in this series examines the loan application process in the retail banking industry. Drilling down into six CX value chain steps across four stages of a bank loan application, we uncovered the optimal areas to automate, augment, or invest in humans.

Read the research report to learn:

  • What types of tasks are best suited for AI-powered full automation, human-centered augmentation, or human control
  • How AI can be applied to improve customer experience across the 4 stages of a customer loan process
  • Value chain analysis that identifies AI hotspots across the bank loan customer journey
  • ROI analysis of leveraging AI at key moments of truth
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Research Report