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Case Study

Open Enrollment Excellence

We helped a health benefits company improve customer experience by lowering wait times with our flexible contact center approach.

97% decrease in average wait time
2x increase in inbound calls
60% improvement in average handle time

The Challenge

A full-service benefits administrator struggled to reign in average wait times as its customer base grew quickly and open enrollment season approached. Customer wait times exceeded 60 minutes, which resulted in high abandonment rates. Email response times and claims processing also took too long, resulting in poor customer experiences.

The client didn’t have enough associates to meet demand but had never considered outsourcing customer service support. The company didn’t know where to turn; it needed a quick deployment of associates and worried that a large outsourcing partner would lack the nuanced expertise – and take too long – to meet their unique needs.

Our Solution

TTEC was well-positioned to help the client because, while we are a large company, we specialize in delivering boutique-like strategic partnerships for clients of all sizes.

We’re committed to providing a superior level of experience, resources, and concierge service to all our clients, regardless of size and volume. We excel in rapid deployments and work with each individual partner to meet their needs through customized solutions.

We first analyzed call volume and determined the client’s immediate staffing needs. With that information, we recruited and trained work-from-home TTEC associates within three weeks who provided inbound contact center support to the client’s existing team.

We also partnered with the client’s IT department to make sure the client’s technology applications were accessible to TTEC associates, ensuring a smooth collaboration and consistent customer experience.

The Results

Within a month, the client quickly realized several positive performance-related results. TTEC helped the client scale contact center operations quickly and brought the expertise needed to forecast call volumes and staffing needs.

Average wait time plummeted 97%, from more than an hour to less than 2 minutes. Also, average handle time dropped 60%, from just under 15 minutes to slightly more than 6 minutes. In addition, the number of calls handled per hour per associate nearly tripled, from 3.5 to almost 9.5. And the queue abandoned rate fell about 13 points, from 16% percent to 3%.

“This is the first night we’ve closed the queue without any callers waiting,” said the client’s director of service delivery. “That’s a great feeling.”

The client’s CEO added: “No one is waiting. Wow! This is amazing. Thank you TTEC.”


Our strategic approach to achieving open enrollment excellence


Centers of Excellence

Our Centers of Excellence are home to best practices, training, and technology. With a focus on member acquisition, we identify the top call drivers, optimum workflows, call flows, and AI-enhanced tools that lower AHT, improve call routing, and help you achieve customer service excellence.

Innovative Training

Getting healthcare advocates, new hires, and leaders to perform at their highest potential is vital for the tidal wave of call volume that is open enrollment. Proven training techniques supported by TTEC’s award-winning, AI-enhanced bots accelerate speed-to-proficiency.

Strategic Partnership

Every organization has its own unique needs and TTEC’s market-defining solutions, built on best practices of our most successful clients, can be tailored to meet your specific technical requirements, timelines, center size, call volumes, and goals.

Ready to achieve open enrollment excellence?