TeleTech CX Leader to Share Perspectives at CXSF 2017

DENVER, Oct. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- TeleTech Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: TeleTech), a leading global provider of customer experience, engagement, and growth solutions delivered through its proprietary, end-to-end Humanify Customer Engagement as a Service offering, today announced that Jeff Marcoux, VP of Product Marketing, will be presenting at the upcoming Forrester CXSF conference, October 19-20, in San Francisco, CA.

To your customers, omnichannel experiences are engagement nirvana. Customers expect it, but many companies struggle to deliver on the promise. As noted by Forrester's Kate Leggett and Ian Jacobs, companies need to "Implement omnichannel customer service best practices.Firms must provide consistent customer service experiences across voice, digital, and social channels. They must also support customers crossing channels without having to restart the conversation.*"

The secret to omnichannel CX success is in the sauce. Marcoux's presentation, Would you like pepperoni with your Customer Experience?, will cover the five steps to delivering amazing customer experiences every time. Through his dynamic storytelling approach, Jeff will share how pizza delivery brands and other CX leaders are using a combination of strategy, technology, analytics and great people to set a new standard by delivering the CX customers want – easy, fast and fun.

"Context is the key to humanizing interactions," said Kyle Priest, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, TeleTech. "Digital transformation is no longer about just adding channels, it is about optimizing, combining, and crossing over touchpoints and channels. Developing and maintaining a human connection with your customer requires the right mix of strategy, service and solutions to create a seamless customer experience."

TeleTech will also be demonstrating the principles shared in Marcoux's presentation in Booth #609 throughout the conference. The company has created Humanify Technology Platforms (HTP) to deliver seamless omnichannel technology integrating voice, chat, email, SMS, co-browse, social and video within the customer experience. This robust set of omnichannel capabilities combine fluid data and insights with seamless touchpoint/channel interoperability to provide frictionless performance and continuity.

For more information on how TeleTech is driving digital transformation and omnichannel customer experiences, visit http://www.teletech.com/solutions/omnichannel

ABOUT TeleTech

TeleTech (NASDAQ: TeleTech) is a leading global provider of customer experience, engagement and growth solutions delivered through its proprietary end-to-end Humanify Customer Engagement as a Service offering. Founded in 1982, the Company helps its clients acquire, retain and grow profitable customer relationships. Using customer-centric strategy, technology, processes and operations, TeleTech partners with business leadership across marketing, sales and customer care to design and deliver a simple, more human customer experience across every interaction channel. TeleTech's 48,000 employees live by a set of customer-focused values that guide relationships with clients, their customers, and each other. To learn more about how TeleTech is bringing humanity to the customer experience, visit teletech.com.

*Assess Customer Service Capabilities To Pinpoint Opportunities for Better Service – Assessment: The Contact Centers for Customer Service Playbook, Forrester, Kate Leggett and Ian Jacobs, August 28, 2017

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