Workforce Management

What is Workforce Management (WFM)?

Workforce Management (WFM) is an all encompassing term surrounding business processes around having the right number of people at the right times to meet estimated call volume expectations.  

WFM processes often include forecasting contact and interaction volumes, scheduling staff based on forecasting, managing the day-to-day and preparing for changes in call volumes and/or surges.

Call centers that don't have the right number of employees scheduled at the right time to meet their key performance indicators will fall behind the competition every. single. time. Not to mention, since staffing can account for up to 70% of contact center operating costs, it's extremely important to schedule and manage employees effectively.

TTEC's WFM solution measures and leverages the talents and preferences of individuals and aligns their skills and proficiencies with our clients' business objectives and customer needs to produce optimal staffing schedules.

As a result, our clients reduce the risk of overstaffing, minimize overtime, provide employees with schedules they prefer, identify time-off opportunities, and reduce shrinkage. 

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