Inside Sales

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What is Inside Sales?

Inside Sales is a sales process remote sales teams use instead of face-to-face sales. Inside sales professionals sell a company’s products and services via phone, email, Messaging, text, chat, social medial, and other online channels.

Many sales professionals use inside sales models to sell big ticket B2B sales items like technology and SaaS. TTEC’s inside sales teams have specialized sales training, are well-versed in making cold calls to achieve new customer acquisition goals, and have a knack for closing deals over the phone and in online channels.

Additionally, our remote sales teams utilize a data-driven sales process – with predictive modeling, digital technology, and live channels – to increase profits and reduce cost of sales. Our high-impact/low-risk remote sales teams deliver predictable, scalable and lucrative outcomes for both B2B sales and B2C sales.

Additional Inside Sales Resources
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