Indirect Sales

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What is Indirect Sales?

Indirect Sales represents a sales process where purchases are made through a third-party indirect sales channel (i.e. channel partners, sales partners, affiliates, or resellers) rather than through a company’s own internal sellers.

Many companies choose to sell using an indirect sales model to reduce internal overhead and increase audience reach and awareness for their brand, products, and services. It’s particularly helpful for startups and small businesses trying to increase revenue quickly.

TTEC’s indirect sales teams use a data-driven approach – with predictive modeling, digital technology, and live channels – to grow profits and reduce cost of sales. Our high-impact/low-risk solutions deliver predictable, scalable and profitable outcomes for B2B sales and B2C sales alike.

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  • Sales Pipeline Calculator: Use the user-friendly templates in this excel workbook to determine exactly how many leads and opportunities your indirect sales teams need to achieve annual sales goals, and help calculate conversion rates at each stage of the sales cycle.