Digital Transformation Consulting

What is Digital Transformation Consulting?

Digital Transformation Consulting (DTC) is a unique addition to the world of digital consulting. Organizations routinely rely on a Digital Transformation Consulting firm to help transform their contact center into a "digital first" organization, capable of withstanding new industry disruptors.

Many of today's call centers are "stuck" somewhere in their own Digital Transformation, likely because they lack the right combination of people, process, technology, and environment needed to fully transform. That's exactly where TTEC enters the equation.

Leading contact centers leverage our Digital Transformation Consulting Services to identify "current-state" digital capabilities and develop a detailed digital strategy, business case, and roadmap with prioritized digital transformation initiatives to propel their organizations forward.

Additional Digital Transformation Consulting Resources

As a leading digital transformation company, our CX consulting and digital technology experts can provide extensive insights into trends and best practices. Here's a selection of resources to help you accelerate your organization's digital and business transformation.

  • Top Customer Service AI and Automation Trends for 2023: Accelerate digital transformation in the contact center with automation and AI best practices. In this report, discover a wide variety of intelligent automation trends shaping customer experience for the decade ahead.
  • 5 Strategies to Accelerate Digital Transformation: It seems that “digital transformation” is in itself transforming. Thankfully, customer experience futurist Blake Morgan brings more clarity in her webinar, Accelerating Digital Transformation to Enable Effortless Experiences. In this webinar hosted by TTEC, she identifies what approaches companies need to consider to deliver a more manageable, faster, and human digital experience.
  • Five Essential Steps to Customer-Centric Digital Transformation: Moving from channel-centric to customer-centric business processes can feel like a mammoth undertaking. Don't worry! In this Contact Center Digital Transformation Strategy Guide, our technology transformation consulting team explains the five key steps to build digital solutions that improve customer satisfaction, reduce cost, and increase revenue.
  • The Ultimate CX Digital Transformation Workbook for Contact Centers: Achieving a value-based digital transformation in the contact center starts with a tactical cloud migration plan – one that has business and technology goals aligned. Our management consulting team has designed a 7-point digital planning workbook to help facilitate more productive CX transformation discussions between IT and business decision makers within organizations to drive business outcomes.
  • Customer-centric digital transformation services built on a cohesive tech stack: When applying digital transformation to your tech stack, it should help create connected, contextual conversations. Historically, this has been nearly impossible because of the numerous technologies, processes, and systems in place. Rather than deploy disparate technologies that create siloes of digital CX, a better approach is to leverage a holistic, cohesive CX ecosystem built with innovative digitally transforming technologies to orchestrate, integrate, automate, and operate amazing digital-first customer experiences.
  • Research Shows Digital Transformation Maturity Across the Enterprise: A recent report, “The State of Digital Transformation,” echoes what business leaders of every stripe are realizing: digital is pervasive. Firms are under pressure to adapt or create new business models, processes, and operations that reflect the fast, personalized, and convenient services that people have come to expect from a digital economy. Indeed, technology transformation initiatives are maturing into enterprise-wide movements that have an impact on all companies offerings.
  • Digital Transformation or Bust: Retailers and others are battling to adapt to an economy where flexibility and proactivity win the day. In this article, our digital transformation consultants outline the top 10 objectives retailers and other companies must pursue in order to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Contact Center of the Future: Digital Transformation Best Practices: Today’s customer expectations are higher than ever. Whether speaking with an associate directly or utilizing automated self-service, they expect all channels to be connected. Meanwhile, artificial intelligent, machine learning, robotic process automation, and social media are just some of the new interactions that are drastically changing customer and employee experiences in the contact center. That is why the contact center of the future is not a siloed, multichannel call center, but a cloud based omnichannel contact center that provides a data driven 360-degree view of the entire customer journey.