Brand Loyalty

What is Brand Loyalty?

Brand loyalty is a type of emotional tie that consumers have with a brand that leads them to continue to purchase, recommend, and stay with a brand over time. There are brand loyalty equations that some brands use to calculate the level of loyalty they have from one consumer or overall. This can be a combination of customer lifetime value, customer churn, and share of wallet, or other varying metrics that a brand determines as relevant. Companies will utilize brand loyalty to drive additional purchases with current products and across other products and brands in their family.

Brand Loyalty is essential to driving continued growth and beating competitors.

At TTEC, we understand the importance of every customer interaction for building Brand Loyalty. TTEC has a proven process, innovative technology, and dedicated employees who build customer relationships for life.

TTEC utilizes voice of the customer data to understand customers' current and future brand needs and expectations. Through several assessments, we get the insights required to formulate a strategic plan designed to improve the CX and increase total lifetime value. We are able to identify potential brand crises, evaluate new products or services needed, and exceed customer brand expectations—all of which strengthens and enhances customer Brand Loyalty.

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