Education is the key to a successful community



The TeleTech Community Foundation (Foundation) was founded in 2007 based on the principle that education is the key to a successful community. Our commitment to that principle has ranked us as one of the top 10 corporate foundations in the state of Colorado for total contributions made to local charities. Each year, we continue to impact the global communities in which we operate by giving students the tools and support they need to maximize their educational outcomes.

Our vision

To support our employees' passion for making a sustainable and positive impact in their community.

Our mission

To apply our resources and expertise to transform the educational experience for students of greatest need.



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Take a look at what our employees accomplish together to help students in need.
Provide modern technology to students

As a technology company, we understand the importance of having access to modern technology to enhance an experience, including a learning experience. As a result, we donate new and repurposed iPads, computers, printers, projectors, smart boards and more to schools in low-income communities.

Provide school supplies, necessities and support

Many factors can affect a student's ability to get the most out of their education, from a lack of school supplies, clothing or food, to the absence of mentors and role models. Through our employee-sponsored grants, we provide funding to a variety of organizations that provide such support. This includes food banks, the Boys and Girls Clubs, Junior Achievement organizations, and various charity organizations that provide basic necessities, and more.

Build state-of-the-art learning environments

Too often, natural disasters destroy or damage schools, taking away a student’s learning environment. We continue to support the reconstruction of these environments, such as rebuilding and furnishing a school in Haiti after an earthquake and renovating a school library impacted by a typhoon in the Philippines.

Improve reading skills

Ensuring students have access to books has always been important to us. Whether it's fulfilling grant requests to purchase books for schools in Mexico and the Philippines or sponsoring a campaign that provides a book to every Colorado 4-year-old, our employees play an important part in helping children around the world enhance their reading skills and knowledge. We've even been known to read a book or two to elementary school students ourselves!





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