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Wireless Sales See 45% Lift, to the Tune of $1.5 Billion

The small-to-medium sized business market is one that our client was looking to get into. They sought our help to design, deliver, and manage a solution that would capitalize on their skills across a variety of channels.

$1.5 Billion

in annual revenue - a 45% increase


increase in phone / device upgrades


of contacts closed in one call

We were selected by an industry-leading provider of wireless voice and data services to generate and retain customers – and increase their spending – in the lucrative small- to medium-sized business (SMB) market. The wireless company came to us to design, deliver, and manage a solution that would capitalize on our skills in multichannel sales, digital marketing, lead generation, and customer analytics.

Seventy-five of our sales and marketing professionals managed 250,000 SMB accounts. To support their efforts, we took a research-driven approach. Our analytics team gathered data through customer segmentation and analysis of email campaign results. From there, we were able to launch marketing campaigns and email touchplans that were intelligently targeted based on a customer’s unique profile. Rather than settle for the results of a standard outbound call campaign, the client had a customized outreach effort that nurtured sales leads and enhanced the lifetime value of existing customer relationships by personalizing the experience for SMB customers. The knowledge gained from the research led to a new, regional pricing strategy that allowed our client to create stronger offers for each demographic.

For this wireless service provider, the program proved to be twice as effective as any similar initiative. $1.5 billion in annual sales revenue was realized, and the company saw a 45 percent increase in the number of new lines of service sold. Phone and device upgrades shot up 91 percent over the previous year.

The flexible, personalized digital marketing campaign resulted in email open rates of 47 percent – more than doubling the telecommunications industry average of 19 percent. Fifty-eight percent of all contacts were closed in one call.

Although our program represented only 50 percent of the wireless company’s virtual sales channel, we delivered between 70 and 80 percent of the channel’s sales revenue. The team also went on to support the wireless company’s field sales division to execute programs aimed at large account prospects and other customer segments.


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