Communications, Media and Technology Client Story

Transforming Self-Service From a Pain Point into an Effortless Experience

A telecommunications and digital services company streamlined its knowledge base content into a valuable resource for both customers and employees.

Streamlined customer knowledge base

by 94%

Removed 88% of ineffective employee

knowledgebase pages

More searchable content,

user-friendly interface

The challenge

Over time, a leading telecommunications and digital services company’s knowledge content had been spread out among various systems and platforms—there was no single source of truth. The company’s customer and agent-facing knowledge bases were inconsistent. The majority of the material was not regularly reviewed or updated to ensure accuracy and it was difficult to locate the correct content. Agents stopped using it, and the valuable tool became more trouble than it was worth. The company needed a partner that could provide a process for systematically reorganizing, updating, and streamlining the knowledge content to deliver an effortless customer experience.

The solution

TTEC conducted a one-day Visioning Workshop with a cross-functional team of leaders within the telco company in Auckland, New Zealand to align the strategy, elements for success, and intended results for the knowledge management redesign.

Together, we developed a content optimization plan that was completed in the following phases:

  • Gather: Identify the current state of the knowledge base by gathering reports to determine existing content and utilization. In this phase, the team also gathered pre-launch data, dashboards, and reporting to compare pre- and post-results and capture verbatim from end-users.
  • Organize: Through page utilization reporting and subject matter expert interviews, we identified the pages to migrate or archive. The goal was to create a rules-based model to aid in decisions of content to optimize, migrate, archive, and prioritize.
  • Delete: We removed redundant pages from the knowledge base. Archived material was moved to a storage repository.
  • Clean: We ensured the accuracy of the pages within the knowledge bases by partnering with subject matter experts. Inaccurate material was updated and approved by the subject matter experts.
  • Build: The material was migrated to new templates in Adobe Experience Manager. This included restructuring or rewriting page content where necessary.
  • Launch: The new pages were deployed in the knowledge base, and we provided detailed reports of the work completed.

The results

With TTEC’s help, the client gained a new knowledge base that contained accurate, high-quality navigable information supported by a sustainable governance model, making it easy for customers and agents to quickly find information and for the knowledge base to remain fresh and relevant.

The client consolidated and removed thousands of outdated pages, which reduced the size of the customer self-service knowledge base by 94%. The agent-facing knowledge base also shrunk by 88%, which made it much easier for agents to navigate the knowledge base and find information quickly. Making the content more searchable combined with a user-friendly interface allow for quick results, promoting increased use and greater satisfaction among customers and agents.


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