Retail and eCommerce Client Story

Transform First-Time Customers into Loyal Brand Ambassadors

A leader in audio and video streaming, recording devices, and related software and accessories reversed negative customer perceptions with outstanding technical support.

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70-79 NPS

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CSAT scores

The Challenge

A leader in audio and video streaming, recording devices, and related software and accessories discovered many of its buyers were reporting negative customer support experiences in public-facing reviews and ratings.

Specifically, dissatisfied customers complained the brand didn’t really care about their issues or concerns and made it difficult for them to self-serve. The streaming media leader needed a way to improve its brand reputation fast, starting with its customer support.

Our Solution

There was an industry-wide misconception that all product users were already tech-savvy, but many were not. This assumption affected the way customer support associates interacted with the callers who lacked technical skills, often coming across as annoyed, poor communicators, and negative.

The large B2C company approached TTEC to assist with associate training – specifically around soft skills. We developed all training and curricula after the initial roll-out, and continued to own both for ongoing development. TTEC also established an on-site lab for hands-on training and product testing to replicate and troubleshoot common customer issues with greater empathy.

Today, we continue to help associates fine-tune their technical expertise through ongoing research, collaboration, and follow-through. Together, we strive to hire and develop highly-energized, enthusiastic, and professional technical support teams.

The Results

Between 2018-2020, our client maintained NPS scores in the 70s, far exceeding those of its parent company. There are fewer escalated cases and quicker resolutions. Now, customers leave positive reviews for ‘best technical support experiences,’ and they commonly recommend our client to friends and family based exclusively on exceptional customer experiences.

Today, our client turns to us for ongoing thought leadership, recommending and creating articles, improving processes, enhancing products, and colleague training and development. We also proactively share best practices learned through collaboration with other CX leaders. Today, we are focused on improving self-serve options, customer tools, and FAQs.


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