Financial Services Client Story

Teaming Up for Maximum Results

A fintech firm provided better customer support and innovated faster with the help of a partner that became an extension of its brand.

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The challenge

A rapidly growing global payment processor knew that in order to continue thriving, it had to elevate its customer support. However, many of the employees already wore multiple hats. The fintech firm needed a partner with the knowledge, expertise, and resources to help the organization scale efficiencies and identify opportunities to improve the customer journey. Simply put, the company wanted a partner that would be an extension of its brand.

Our solution

The company brought TTEC on board to supplement its contact center team and provide various levels of support from general customer service to resolving technical and financial issues. In true TTEC fashion, we collaborated with the client to ensure that associates received comprehensive and systematic training on the brand’s culture and products.

It wasn’t long before the client entrusted us with additional responsibilities. Having gained an in-depth understanding of the client’s workforce management and staffing model, our support team proactively made recommendations to optimize its contact center operations.

For instance, instead of relying on an employee headcount model that didn’t account for different levels of expertise and other factors, we helped the firm adopt inter-level staffing and metrics that better reflected productive hours versus staffed hours.

We were also the only partner entrusted with piloting new programs and workflows for the client. Our associates did most of the heavy lifting in terms of collecting and processing data from the pilots and turning them into business recommendations. For example, we piloted a sales program for acquiring new businesses and helped set the standard for cultivating B2B relationships.

The results

With our help, the company was able to launch, test, and iterate pilots at a much faster rate than if they were to do it on their own. On one project, prior to the partnership, only one employee was available to collect feedback, curate it, and feed the information back into the knowledgebase. Instead of committing more employees to the project, we provided 15 associates to oversee and expedite the project. This saved employees an incredible amount of time and allowed them to focus on core aspects of their work.

Over the course of five years, we played a significant role in helping the fintech firm evolve its customer service—making it faster and more effective—and ultimately improve its vendor and customer relationships.


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