Care Client Story

Stronger Together: Transforming Nautilus’ Contact Center

We helped the fitness solutions provider increase efficiencies, optimize call escalations, streamline internal communications, increase customer satisfaction, and more.

The Challenge

Nautilus was in desperate need of shedding process weight, increasing customer service reaction time, building internal coordination and continuing to flex their formidable marketplace muscle. Additionally, Nautilus’ “phone system” needed untangling, streamlining and innovating nationally, internationally and corporate-wide.

Our Solution

Avtex, a TTEC Digital company, went to work taking a deep and thorough dive into all elements surrounding Nautilus’ Contact Center. This included the people that work there, how they interacted with each other and customers, the processes they were currently working within, plus the tools and systems utilized to do their work. After this initial discovery phase, the Avtex team went to work transforming Nautilus' contact center platform and overall approach to Customer Experience.

The Results

The benefits of our partnership with Nautilus were many and widespread. Call Center efficiencies increased, call escalations were faster and fewer, customer satisfaction markedly improved, and internal communications were greatly streamlined. An added bonus was the positive boost to CSRs’ morale, attitude and their more pleasant interactions with customers. A clarification of process and purpose, an upgrade in tools and a sense of being heard and respected will do good things to people.


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