Technology Client Story

A Smarter Approach Leads to Happier Customers

Logitech was looking to understand what was happening in each of their different regions. With our analysis they were able to find immediate self-help improvements and in the end achieve a better Net Promoter Score.

70% - 215%

increase in NPS


reduction in average handle times


operations based on meaningful data

“When we modeled lifetime customer value, we discovered that a delighted customer who acts as a promoter is worth far more than the cost of handling that call.” - Logitech Vice President of Customer Care

Logitech’s customer experience breakthrough came after a long, hard look at how the technology manufacturer’s global success had not translated into a positive buyer experience. Customer contacts went through 14 different vendors in over 20 locations worldwide; costs were rising with no improvements to service. Traditional emphasis on average call handling times only addressed the “perceived” cost of service – poor experiences were costing the company much more in repeat contacts, damage to reputation, and lost business. We ran an initial customer survey to identify trends in customer issues that could be easily addressed globally. The results were inconsistent – not just from region to region, but between each vendor as well. A unified solution would truly move the needle and build strong, differentiated relationships with customers; one that personalized interactions, measured experience more effectively, and also lowered cost to serve.

We worked with our client to understand what was happening in each of their different regions: for instance, customers in Asia were asking for faster call responses, but customers in the U.S. were asking for a better return program for underperforming products. Our analysis drove immediate self-help improvements by turning customer input into meaningful updates. Logitech could now respond based on customer intelligence, not speculation. A “red flag, white glove” program got the management team involved and identified real-time issues in need of either immediate attention or a higher level of care. A new, centralized knowledge base allowed employees to share and collaborate. Improved scripting and a robust Social Relationship Management strategy let Logitech customers interact with our associates on the customer’s terms – building multichannel engagement and improving individual relationships with every transaction.

Within two years, Net Promoter ScoresTM (NPS®) improved between 70 percent in the Americas and 215 percent in Asia Pacific regions. Average call handle times reduced by 25 percent. A Logitech director of technical operations sums it up well: “This journey has turned out to be a win/win for us. By committing to a discipline that focuses on exceptional customer care, we have been able to improve customer satisfaction while reducing our costs.”


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