Retail and eCommerce Client Story

Scoring better resolution rates with a deep dive into the customer journey

TTEC helped identify and fix problems that delayed the customer warranty process

15% increase in

resolution rate

55% increase in customer

response time

2-day decrease in

resolution time

The challenge

A sporting goods retailer struggled to efficiently resolve customer inquiries regarding its warranty program. The company didn’t realize it, but the form customers filled out online to initiate a warranty inquiry was missing some necessary information and, as a result, it took too long to resolve issues.

The company sought an experienced partner to identify where bottlenecks were happening and implement solutions to improve customer experience.

The solution

TTEC began by completing a customer journey map, which illuminated friction points in the customer journey. We were able to identify bottlenecks within the client’s system and uncover opportunities to improve.

We found, for example, that mandatory elements of the form were missing, which hindered resolution. The form needed to be streamlined and error-proofed. It also was missing a disclaimer stating that photos were required and lacked automated follow-ups, among other problems.

We brought that feedback to the client and suggested proactive solutions that led to website enhancements so associates could more easily assist customers with warranty inquiries. The form was updated to give customers access to tips and trips, as well as process documents to help them complete their inquiry.

The results

Our work and the solutions we identified for the client led to improved experiences for customers and associates alike.

Customers got answers to their questions more quickly. The resolution rate increased 15% and cases were solved an average of two days more quickly. Associates saw a 55% increase in customer response time and a 2% increase in overall productivity.

Here are some of the things company leaders have said about working with TTEC:

  • “We knew we needed to get some outside help and perspective when we turned to outsourcing, and TTEC is delivering on that. We have a small team and you guys are looking at things differently and giving us ideas on how to improve.” - Vice president of customer care
  • “Very well done…great job from your team on the recommendations.” Director of customer care

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