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Savvy Leads Training Delivers the Goods for Logistics Group

Agile sales team exceeds client targets from the start.

Outreach targets exceeded

by over 100%

97% quality score <br class="hidden-xs hidden-sm" />

consistently achieved

100% compliance <br class="hidden-xs hidden-sm" />


The Challenge

A global logistics organization needed to improve the quality of sales leads being provided to its in-house sales team for its Asia Pacific operations. The existing team, based in Singapore, was not achieving the required results and business growth depended on bringing an experienced partner on board to identify and deliver quality leads for follow-up.

The Solution

Having delivered excellent results in previous engagements with the client, TTEC was entrusted with solving this challenge. Our first step was to quickly assemble a team of 10 associates based in the Philippines covering Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Singapore. A two-week training program was put in place, equipping associates with the skills and knowledge to provide a comprehensive and effective service. Detailed KPIs were defined and a monitoring system was implemented to track delivery against agreed targets.

The TTEC team was responsible for generating quality leads for the in-house client sales team. Research of companies’ websites and lists sourced from a third-party provider identified local organizations that utilize shipping services either within the country or internationally. These organizations may use other providers for their logistics or may have used the client’s services at some point. Cold-calling campaigns were undertaken to ascertain the companies’ business models and shipping requirements, including the frequency of shipping and destinations served.

Our agents continually looked for opportunities to improve the service delivered. These proactive solutions included determining the best time for sales to call prospects to increase the probability of converting leads to sales.

The Results

The TTEC team delivered results above targets from the start, with the number of outbound calls consistently exceeding targets by over 100%. Over 16,000 calls were made in in one month compared to a target of 7,000, for example.

Compliance with quality standards has remained at 100% and the number of leads closed with an opportunity has been maintained significantly above the 50% target set by the client. Quality scores consistently exceeded 97% against a target of 90%.

Owing to TTEC’s development program, including regular training, professional and personal coaching, non-financial incentives, and clear career progression plans, staff retention was high, with only one team member lost since the service was established. Employee NPS was 97 compared to the Philippines average NPS of 45.

“The TTEC Team has a professional work attitude, and readily recommends new ideas on how to improve results. The team members exhibit know-how in their respective areas,” the client said in a testimonial.


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