Utilities and Energy Client Story

Real-Time Performance Data Anytime, Anywhere

We helped Cummins build a mobile app that provides real-time performance and maintenance data about generator systems, reducing calls to the support team.

The Challenge

For Cummins Inc., bridging the gap between generator reliability and customer satisfaction became a goal of the organization’s efforts to create lasting brand loyalty. With that goal in mind, Cummins set out to create a mobile application that offers customers the ability to track a generator’s status in real-time.

Our Solution

Avtex, a TTEC Digital company, partnered with Cummins to design and develop PowerCommand Cloud™, a scratch-built application that allows users to view real-time information about generator systems from anywhere in the world. Accessible from any PC, Mac and IOS-enabled device, the application offers customizable portals that allow users to track power status, fuel level, load, voltages, issue notification, scheduled maintenance and more. The application also offers push notification of key events, potential issues and user-specified occurrences.

The Results

Since PowerCommand Cloud’s piloted release, Cummins has seen promising improvements in customer engagement and satisfaction and engagement. Users now enjoy unparalleled access to real-time performance and maintenance data, and are able to self-diagnose and resolve many issues that otherwise would require a call to the Cummins support team.


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