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From “Poor Lead Quality” to 221% Growth

Our client was lacking in sales from mobile and was looking for a good way to drive growth. We helped create better targeted mobile ads and by doing so our client saw a 221% increase in sales from mobile.


increase in sales from mobile


of growth for the quarter came from mobile


lower cost per sale than desktop

Effective demand generation is more than just finding the right leads; it’s also about delivering an experience that is meaningful to customers, no matter what channel you use to capture their attention.

Progrexion and its consumer brands, such as LexingtonLaw.com and CreditRepair.com, comprise the largest consumer advocacy network in the U.S. We have worked with Progrexion for years to help design, execute, and measure effective lead generation strategies. Successful mobile marketing was an attractive target – not only do mobile leads have a much lower cost, but this segment increases in value along with the growing base of smartphone users. The front-end of our campaign utilized mobile search, display, in-app advertising, and click-to-call extensions (CTC) that allowed mobile ad recipients to initiate a call directly from the ad. The results were initially disappointing. Leads from mobile were 30 percent - 40 percent less likely to convert to a sale than desktop leads, and customer-facing associates complained that the leads were less interested and weren’t translating into a sales conversation. An investigation into the “very poor lead quality” led to a huge performance breakthrough.

Analysis of the customer experience showed that due to the reduced amount of information contained in the mobile ads, customers needed a more educational experience during the live call. We worked with Progrexion on ways to address the needs of mobile users: we improved the way scripting captured attention and shared information, and targeted call routing so that CTC responders spoke with associates who were adept at educating customers on the complexities of credit repair, as well as the client’s offerings. We were also able to provide the client with a clearer view of the mobile campaigns data, so that if a mobile ad prompted a customer contact through another channel, the success of the mobile ad would be attributed more accurately.

Overall, mobile sales grew 221 percent year-over-year in the first quarter of 2013. Mobile now constitutes 15.2 percent of total sales, up from 6.3 percent for the same period in the previous year. Contact center conversion rate on mobile traffic more than doubled, with cost-per-sale 28 percent less than comparable desktop traffic.


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