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Online Advertising Boosts Revenue

A leading Internet search company is driving billions in revenue from its SMB customers.

Advertising Program

generates $1B annually


self-sufficient advertisers


average sales per account manager

Online advertising might be getting more personal, but for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB), the allure of capturing the attention of a targeted audience can often be an intimidating proposition. Most of these businesses aren’t equipped with the skills, confidence, or time to develop a truly successful campaign.

Executives for our client – a leading internet search company - saw enormous untapped potential in the small business market. In order to be successful, they needed a complete solution that would empower small businesses with the knowledge and resources they would need to be effective online marketers. We were brought in to design and implement a solution with the right depth and breadth to truly connect with SMB customers. Our work had two primary objectives; first, to help our client gain the attention of the SMB market, and second, to help these new advertisers gain the attention of their customers.

Our work began with an analysis of trends and behaviors in the target base, to identify and prioritize opportunities. We used that data, along with behavior pattern recognition and predictive modeling, to anticipate purchasing decisions and launch a digital marketing program that was more meaningful – and relevant – to potential new advertisers. A specialized team of twenty-two personal account managers then brought customers through a 30-day onboarding program. We conducted training on the powerful tools at their disposal, and personalized consulting to create effective online campaigns. We developed custom advertisements, and evaluated campaign results to accelerate value. Weekly calls continued to educate and motivate the fledgling SMB marketers.

There were 100,000 self-sufficient new advertisers up and running in the first year. By improving the experience and skill sets of SMB clients, we delivered $400 million in revenue to the internet search company in two years – roughly $1.9 million per each one of our sales professionals. The program continues to expand, and currently generates $1 billion annually. We currently serve business units in North America, Brazil and the EMEA region, conducting sales and service outreach for approximately 1.8 million contacts.


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