Healthcare Client Story

New hire training redesign transforms member experience and saves millions in costs

TTEC helped a major regional payer save $1.3 million in costs and achieve double-digit CSAT improvements with a redesigned contact center employee training and resources.

$1.3 million <br class="hidden-xs hidden-sm" />

cost savings

12% member satisfaction


10% average handle

time reduction

The challenge

A major regional payer had scaled up its member support with remote new hires in preparation for a peak seasonal period. While this was a common practice, the company struggled to deliver an excellent member experience. One of the challenges was that the onboarding and training curriculum were not optimized for remote learners and associates were unable to practice their skills. An outdated knowledge base also undermined the associate experience.

These challenges contributed to a high attrition rate, which negatively impacted the member experience. Associates lacked confidence and responses were delayed as they struggled to locate the right information. The payer needed an experienced and knowledgeable partner to improve its training curriculum to build employee confidence and increase retention while also ensuring members’ needs were quickly addressed and resolved.

Our solution

As a trusted partner that had assisted the client in resolving prior learning and performance challenges, the client turned to TTEC for help again. After evaluating the existing training curriculum and conducting interviews with employees, we recommended a complete redesign of the new hire training curriculum.

The redesign included the following:

Apply discovery learning methodology to the new hire training and curriculum – The discovery learning methodology focused on common call types that associates encounter when interacting with customers. Each course exposed the associates to production environment tools and resources, allowing them to shape their own learning using a typical call flow.

Implement RealPlay and RealPlay AI Bot gamified learning – Complementing the discovery learning methodology, RealPlay, an award-winning training solution and technology developed by TTEC, gave learners an opportunity to practice and demonstrate their ability to handle an end-to-end customer call using simulated production environments. During RealPlay modules, learners dialed in and were connected with another learner to practice their IVR skills through role play. Quality specialists reviewed the training calls and provided associates with feedback.

Some of the courses involved a RealPlay AI Bot instead of a fellow associate. The RealPlay Bot is a self-paced AI that is programmed to mimic callers and provides associates with real time feedback, such as whether they satisfied quality standards set by the client, e.g., tone of voice, followed a script, etc. The Bot continues to evolve and be reprogrammed as business needs change.

Gamification – We implemented Kahoot!, a tool that tests learners’ knowledge and reinforces concepts in a safe and positive learning environment. The tool included group game modules that increased learner engagement and interaction within the class. We also implemented a learning management system that tracked training completions and administered points and badges for course completions.

A more powerful knowledgebase – We built a new knowledgebase to leverage capabilities such as natural language search, a decision tree functionality, and social collaboration to enable associates to efficiently locate the right information.

The results

With TTEC’s help, new hire onboarding and training were greatly improved, retention increased, and members received fast and accurate service.

As the employee experience improved, attrition dropped by 21%, member satisfaction increased 12%, and the issue resolution rate improved 11%. Average handle time (AHT) was reduced 10% and these improvements translated to $1.3 million in cost savings in one year. We continue to support the client with innovative and proactive solutions.


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