Automotive Client Story

Mobile app innovation driven by customer insight

Real-time analytics enable positive user experiences with mobile app

Brand perception

has improved

Customer intelligence

informs future engagement with customers

Program roll-out

in only two months

The challenge

A leading automaker prepared to launch a mobile app with a very aggressive roll-out schedule, both in terms of time-to-market and geographical presence, to meet the needs of on-the-go customers. The app provided owners of their own make of vehicles with an impressive suite of functions, but also offered features to other users, such as car sharing and booking of parking spaces.

The rapid deployment of the app meant that real-time intelligence was needed about how the app was being used, by whom, and what challenges they were facing. The app incorporated self-help support, FAQs, and access to live support associates through chat, voice and email channels.

The key to success of the app was capturing the customer journeys through the app and in-app support channels. This enabled the developers to quickly enhance the app and provide support staff with up-to-date information which would enhance the quality of their service.

The solution

TTEC Digital’s Insights practice was engaged to implement a sophisticated, ‘under-the-hood’ tracking facility that captured customer journeys through the app. A common journey within the app was for customers to select a preferred dealer on the interactive map, for example. From there, a customer could explore the option of scheduling a pickup, and either use the self-help library to learn the steps for pickup, or choose to initiate a chat or phone call with an associate to get more details. The final step was an easy button push within the app to call the dealer and schedule the service.

All of the steps along the way were captured as part of the customer journey to identify customer channel preferences as well as an pain points in this service scheduling journey. This functionality recorded users’ experience within the app, identified which customer journeys went well, which didn’t, and provided insight into how to intervene to keep users engaged and well-supported.

A stand-out feature of this development was the speed at which it was incorporated in the infrastructure of the app. It was a critical requirement that the real-time analytics would be up and running within a two-month launch window, and this was achieved when the app went live.

Customer journeys through the app were tracked, providing analysis across all channels such as self-help, FAQs, voice calls, and chat. This information was key to keeping the app engaging, addressing areas where users experienced difficulties, such as password resets, and fed into a program of continual improvement in support capabilities.

Data from the app usage was fed into a cloud-based solution to aggregate information from disparate sources to be presented to developers and support staff, driving improvements in both the app and the customer service experience.

The results

Since the app’s deployment, voice support calls have been reduced because of increased used of in-app support and self-service app features. The client has also identified low-engagement users through insights and developed intervention plans to contact and address causes. This intelligence also enabled fast development of self-service material for simple questions and routing of more complex issues to expert support staff.

Support staff were equipped with visualizations of enhanced information about customer behavior trends and the app itself, enabling them to provide customers with the best experience possible.

In addition, the scalability of the analytical tools enabled the solutions to be deployed within the app as it was launched in the U.S., and rapidly rolled out to other regions globally.

Finally, the client has reported growth in brand perception for existing customers as well as potential future buyers, and is developing plans to further engage with customers.


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