Healthcare Client Story

Innovating Member Enrollment with Omnichannel Insights

A health insurance organization digitally transformed its member acquisition and overall experience by unifying disparate data in a centralized analytics platform.

Rapid and agile build of

omnichannel analytics platform

Replaced quarterly reporting

with daily reporting

On track to eliminate 15% to 25%

of unqualified leads

The challenge

A major health insurance organization’s member acquisition process was hindered by siloed data sources, legacy channels, and a lack of insight into the sales funnel. As heightened consumer expectations expand to the healthcare industry, the organization needed to move to an omnichannel environment with integrated digital options.

The payer sought a technology platform that would give it greater insights into the member journey and the sales funnel, as well as robust reporting. It was vital that its partner had a deep understanding of the healthcare member experience as well as technology delivery expertise.

Our solution

The client selected its long-standing partner, TTEC, to build and implement a customized version of the Humanify Insights Platform (HIP) as part of a multi-pronged CX transformation project. HIP is a cloud-based customer and employee data platform that provides brands with a 360° view of their customers’ needs, behaviors, and preferences.

Our first step was to work closely with the client on aggregating and integrating data across different data sources into a common architecture to provide a single view of the member, advanced data visualization capabilities, and real-time insights. We integrated data across the client’s CRM system, Cisco Voice Platform, and multiple customer support channels, among other data sources. We also layered on natural language processing engines to interpret the data to drive key insights all the way to an individual member level.

HIP’s capabilities include identifying, quantifying, and scoring new prospects for their propensity to buy and other criteria. This helps the sales team proactively prioritize qualified leads, disregard unqualified leads, and manage the sales funnel from point of inquiry. Instead of passively waiting for a prospect who requested a quote to complete the enrollment process, the sales team can reach out with relevant information to personalize the experience and help close the deal.

Additionally, the HIP platform includes advanced reporting capabilities for making informed decisions. For instance, the client can apply data insights from HIP to drive targeted outbound campaigns, evaluate their effectiveness, and optimize them. The platform also allows the client to track prospects at each point of the sales funnel and determine which efforts should be be maximized and optimized to speed up the path to enrollment. What’s more, the prospect can easily engage with the sales associate via chat or by calling a toll-free number at any point in the member journey.

The HIP platform also gives the client team reporting and analytics autonomy. Self-service access to HIP data has been provisioned through the visualization layer of Power Bi for on-demand metrics and reporting access. In addition, client team analysts can access the platform and its curated data layer to conduct analysis with their tool of choice (SQL, Python, R). Inbound phone call transfer analysis and call center operational analytics that map to specific customer journeys are further examples of client self-service analysis that the HIP platform has helped support.

The results

The HIP platform, which went live with the client in September 2020, has numerous new capabilities. We are educating the client on how to best leverage the platform to improve the sales process, reduce acquisition costs, and transform the member experience with more personalized and relevant information, among other improvements.

One of the first proof points that stood out for the client was the opportunity to shift from quarterly to daily reporting. Prior to the implementation, the sales team was only able to compile data on a quarterly basis. Early indicators also show that HIP is on track to remove 15% to 25% of unqualified leads within the next few months and that percentage—along with other KPIs—will continue to grow.


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