Retail and eCommerce Client Story

Increased Satisfaction at a Third of the Cost

Our client wanted to provide customers with a convenient real-time service channel to provide support for buyers now. We were able to help by integrating click-to-chat in their already existing system.

70 & 215%

reduction in program support costs


increase in satisfaction in just six months (even with increased traffic)


additional customer support and business efficiency programs

Many established companies struggle to provide a customer contact structure that is nimble enough to interact across the multiple communications channels used today. This client, a major bookseller, proved the effectiveness of a top-notch multichannel solution by boosting customer satisfaction, increasing volume, and slashing operating costs at the same time.

Booksellers are no longer just purveyors of printed pages – this client is a leader in electronic content, ecommerce, and technology. A real-time service channel was needed to provide customers with convenient, fluid technical support that could support buyers now, without a phone call later. Our click-to-chat solution was selected because it elevates customer experience – and operations – to a higher level of satisfaction. We worked closely with the company to clearly understand the needs and voice of the customer base. From that foundation, we developed and delivered a personalized engagement portal, staffed with associates capable of delighting the buyer. For this client, associates needed to be technology-savvy, but they also needed to be great written communicators. Our cutting-edge candidate assessment tool was used to find the right candidates, the first time, to fill the specific job profiles we developed for the project.

The program improved the speed and quality of online interactions, and enabled the bookseller to handle more traffic through this cost-effective support channel. Tens of thousands of technical support requests were fielded within a few short months, and our operational efficiency continued to demonstrate value that exceeded expectations. At the ten-month mark, productivity savings had lowered the cost to serve each inquiry by 70 percent. The caliber of our associates and their ability to manage multiple interactions (including traditional voice) maximized resource utilization and ROI for the client. At the same time that the bookseller was enjoying a lower cost to serve, our team met all customer satisfaction goals; and then surpassed their target by an additional 16 percent.


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