Retail and eCommerce Client Story

icStore for Multichannel Customer Service

Our client was looking to improve their customer experience by implementing a virtual contact center. We built an on-premise contact center, and maintained 1,200 associate virtual contact center.


in call volume


rate improved


customer service through non-voice channels

A Fortune 500 fashion retailer with multiple retail brands desired an integrated contact center to replace multiple discrete contact centers.

The company had a strategic objective to improve the customer experience by combining different contact centers into one virtual contact center, affording across-the-board improvements in customer service. The retail giant required a technology partner to help it achieve the goal of centralized order placement, enhancing customer experience and increasing sales.

We designed, built and implemented an on-premise contact center, and maintained multichannel customer support for over 1,200 associates in its virtual contact centers. By enabling customer self service through interactive voice recognition (IVR) with speech, as well as utilization of intelligent voice and email routing and integrated email response management, our solution allowed for an enhanced customer experience and improved productivity.

The multichannel applications allowed associates to handle customer inquiries and requests through a variety of methods, including email and social media as well as by phone, reducing the total call volume. The IVR functions provided greater self-help functionality, increasing the containment rate and lessening the burden on associates. Our icStore™ provided the means for the client to bring innovation and efficiencies to its business model, allowing for improvements in the overall customer experience.


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