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Four Weeks, Three New Sales Channels

When business for this client was at a pace of growth too fast for them to keep up with - they enlisted our help. We were able to train and deploy a click-to-chat sales team and help return much higher conversion rates.


increase in sales conversion from inside sales


revenue increase from click-to-chat

$5 million

in additional annual revenue

Business was certainly booming for this wireless internet service provider: within two short years it was delivering high-speed, 4G service to 30 million customers in over 25 markets. Success story, indeed -- but the pace of growth was so fast that the company could not keep up with demand on its own. Customer experience challenges and missed sales opportunities prompted a search for ways to augment an overtaxed sales force. We were selected to help, and within one month launched three new sales channels that delivered exceptional service and millions of dollars in added revenue.

Why didn’t they simply hire more salespeople? That can be a costly and time-consuming proposition. One of the biggest advantages we offered was a deep pool of available talent, as well as the means to quickly identify the right associates to represent the company’s brand. A new contact center would have taken months to develop from scratch – as well as a hefty amount of capital expense. We had the technology infrastructure in place to integrate seamlessly into our client’s existing sales program, and to quickly scale the workforce up or down to match the need. We were able to virtually eradicate development time for the provider and operate as a natural extension of its own organization.

Within two weeks, we had trained and deployed a click-to-chat sales team that reached out directly to visitors of the company’s website. Two weeks later, we had two more sales channels open for business: An inside sales team handled the bulk of customer contacts -- the focus for those associates was on new customer acquisition. An up-sell / cross-sell team was paired with existing accounts to build more value and loyalty from active customers.

The inside sales team returned conversion rates that were fourteen percent higher than the client’s internal team. The addition of click-to-chat to the sales strategy brought a proactive approach to sales and service; the real-time, interactive assistance improved customer satisfaction and increased monthly revenue by an additional ten percent. The up-sell and cross-sell channel maximized the average revenue per customer and generated an additional $5 million in annual sales. The personalized, multichannel sales program enabled a new company to strengthen its position in the market, and win the business of more happy, long-term subscribers.


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