Healthcare Client Story

Ensuring a Healthy Omnichannel Future

Health insurance company innovates its omnichannel environment with integrated digital options for members.

Rapid and agile build

of omnichannel capabilities

400 associates supported with

migration underway for 23,000

Projected increase

in customer satisfaction levels

The challenge

One of America’s largest health insurers provided customer service support via limited legacy channels: voice, fax, and mail. These capabilities did not allow for a seamless customer journey and limited the ways customers could access services. As consumer expectations expand to the healthcare industry, the company needed to move to an omnichannel environment with integrated digital options.

The organization sought a technology platform that could be integrated into its in-house salesforce CRM system. It was vital that its partner had a deep understanding of the customer service arena as well as the knowledge of technology delivery.


Building on a strong 10-year partner relationship, TTEC was selected to deliver the technology element of the transformation program. Working jointly with a team from Cisco, TTEC deployed a proof-of-concept system at the client site, allowing hands-on experience of the proposed solution with multiple channels including voice, chat, email, and SMS. After reviewing the proof of concept, TTEC was selected as the preferred solution.

The omnichannel solution was implemented by the TTEC project team, aligned with the organization’s Agile development environment. Member interactions could now be conducted via voice, email, chat, SMS messaging, and customers screen co-browsing. During interactions, digital breadcrumbs followed the member across channels they continued via different channels during their interaction.

The solution was also tightly integrated with the company’s salesforce CRM platform through a CTI adapter, which allowed the client to track customer needs, tailor individual experiences with the member, and predict future behaviors. The organization could react intelligently to a call or message with a history of the consumer’s previous interactions and even reach out to the member in a proactive way, proposing service enhancements or up-sell opportunities.

The platform was initially deployed to 400 associates, using the technology for voice channels. With a successful rollout, the company plans to increase the deployment to 23,000 associates utilizing the full omnichannel capabilities. Once fully deployed, members will be able to select the channels they use to interact with the organization at a time and in a way that suits them, as well as continue their customer journey over multiple channels with no interruption in the flow of the interaction.

The system build began in March 2018, and now consists of a production environment, a lab environment for free format testing and modeling, and a development/QA environment for formal testing of changes before moving to production.


By delivering a comprehensive technology platform combined with a deep understanding of world-class customer service standards, TTEC was instrumental and key to the execution of the organization’s strategy to upgrade its customer support capabilities.

The company achieved a steep improvement to its systems and customer service experience at little or no extra cost. A set of KPIs is being jointly established as the migration progresses to enable the client to monitor operational and customer success.

The client has valued the way TTEC has delivered the technology, including partnership and collaborative behaviors and its deep understanding and experience of customer service excellence.


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