Automotive Client Story

Eliminating Customer Blind Spots

Top automaker quickly integrates millions of data points to work smarter and increase revenue.

Stood up Humanify Insights Platform
in 80 hours
8+ billion impressions

served per month

Insight gained on 70

million current and past customers

The challenge

A top automotive manufacturer employs regular multi-million dollar direct marketing campaigns offering incentive money to potential car buyers. The performance of these campaigns is closely monitored and measured. However, the OEM had a blind spot when it came to understanding and connecting online customer activity to offline customer data and vehicle sales.

The OEM had a long-term IT project underway to connect all the disparate data sources, but the business leads couldn’t afford to wait. Instead it searched for a partner to integrate online and offline marketing data that would produce actionable customer insights, inform better messaging, and drive ROI today.

Our solution

There are many data integration vendors out there, but we at TTEC have more than 20 years of automotive experience and a singular focus on customer experience excellence to help companies make decisions. Working directly with the client’s business users rather than IT, we deployed our Humanify Insights Platform (HIP), which combined data already living in multiple systems across the organization. Within weeks, we added nearly 10 terabytes of data into the system, giving the client depth and breadth of visibility into customer activity. The team integrated Tier 1 web browsing data, impression data, cookie match data and campaign data, which was collected from the OEM’s customer data warehouse as well as its online data sources like Adobe and Omniture..

Campaign optimization and cost savings started almost immediately. The client began to track 8 billion monthly website impressions across its multiple brand websites, and connected it to other customer data for its 70 million current and former customers in the HIP. The initial analysis determined how many people who recently purchased vehicles were still being served new vehicle ads online. The results led to new suppression rules for recent buyers who no longer needed to receive online impressions. This will lead to significant cost savings over time.

The results

This is just one example of how the combined data in one platform allowed the client to uncover unique online attributes that correlated to cost savings, incremental sales, and market growth. With HIP in place, the client plans to combine data to gather other insights about customers and make smarter marketing decisions.

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