Automotive Client Story

Driving better CX through improved employee training

TTEC revamped associate training at a luxury automotive manufacturer to significantly reduce escalated and transferred calls

70% reduction in


Double-digit increase in

quality scores

Improved EX <br class="hidden-xs hidden-sm" />

and CX

The challenge

Associates at a premier automaker faced various challenges when it came to answering customer inquiries about its digital add-on service designed to personalize drivers’ experiences.

Customers who called with questions about this service faced high escalation and transfer rates. Associates who had not received sufficient training related to the service became frustrated during these calls and ended up escalating or transferring them as a result. This led to low associate quality scores and frustrating experiences for customers.

The solution

TTEC worked with the client to address this problem by identifying where roadblocks and problems were starting. First, when it came to associate learning, the company lacked formalized, technologically focused training that associates needed to successfully handle calls about the digital service. A lot of information was informally passed down and the training that did take place was too instructor-led and lacked practical elements associates needed. The training needed to be refocused and more structured.

In addition, we found that many resources available to associates were outdated or in formats that were too complex to quickly navigate, which added extra time and frustration to customer calls.

TTEC guided the client and created a specialized training that gave associates the processes and information they needed to troubleshoot technical issues quickly. Our blended approach combined RealPlay – TTEC’s AI-powered solution that simulates real-world customer interactions – with self-paced and gamified training, paired with instructor follow-up. This training was more hands-on than what associates previously experienced.

We also created job aids that were concise, templated, and easy for associates to understand. This allowed them to quickly find the information they needed during calls to resolve inquiries, which improved customer and associate experience alike.

The results

TTEC’s work with the client put the relevant information associates needed within easy reach, empowering them to deliver better customer experiences.

Our work led to a 70% reduction in escalations related to the service. It also resulted in improvements in three quality assurance indicators: a 13-point improvement in following the proper escalation and review process, a 15-point increase in setting the proper hold time expectations, and a 27-point jump in keeping all promises made during the interaction.


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